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  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
0C88922014BRENNER42X96 TANKE  01   Indianapolis, IN
0057682009MackGU713 MP8 455HP 018124,214   Indianapolis, IN
0142702007MackCXU613 MP7 395HP 010277,517   Indianapolis, IN
A995062002FordE350 CUTAWA 5.4L 0192,158   Indianapolis, IN
  3676599999ETROIT8V71T3028  01   Indianapolis, IN
  4167032015UTILITY48X102FLATS30104  01   Indianapolis, IN
  4616922015KenworthT8807618 12.9L 485H 013565   Indianapolis, IN
  4930012013UTILITY53X10230130  01   Indianapolis, IN
  4930022013UTILITY53X10230131  01   Indianapolis, IN
  4930032013UTILITY53X10230132  01   Indianapolis, IN
  4930042013UTILITY53X10230133  01   Indianapolis, IN
  5353172012InternationalWORKSTAR 10.5L 370H 08LL32,639   Indianapolis, IN
  1204742012InternationalPROSTAR +5024 12.4L 475H 010407,575   Indianapolis, IN
  2701022012SOUTHERN42X96 TANKE30101  01   Indianapolis, IN
  1428722012Peterbilt3897633 12.9L 485H 018365,616   Indianapolis, IN
  1428712012Peterbilt3897634 12.9L 485H 018397,066   Indianapolis, IN
  2962282012KenworthT6607651 12.4L 380H 01091,270   Indianapolis, IN
  2962262012KenworthT6607652 12.9L 380H 01091,375   Indianapolis, IN
  2962272012KenworthT6607653 12.9L 380H 010145,665   Indianapolis, IN
  2962292012KenworthT6607654 12.4L 380H 010257,670   Indianapolis, IN
  BM88662012FreightlinerCASCADIA DD15 14.8L 010331,214   Indianapolis, IN
  0864822012InternationalPROSTAR+ 12.4L 450H 010440,610   Indianapolis, IN
  236272012MAC35X102 DUMP30102  01   Indianapolis, IN
  217612012MAC53X102 DUMP30103  01   Indianapolis, IN


  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
9012492001GMC TRUCKC6500International V8G 0238,883   Indianapolis, IN
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