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  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
1774199999OTHERTRLR PUMP3016 4CYL PROPA 01   Indianapolis, IN
5646412013VOLVOVNL64T  0262,358   Indianapolis, IN
5650472013VOLVOVNL64T  0282,606   Indianapolis, IN
5646452013VOLVOVNM64T  0   Indianapolis, IN
5646462013VOLVOVNL64T  0367,335   Indianapolis, IN
0946642013InternationalPROSTAR+1255037 15.2L 500H 013208,370   Indianapolis, IN
5531482012VOLVOVNL64T  0218,644   Indianapolis, IN
5526402012VOLVOVNL64T  0127,143   Indianapolis, IN
4173032012UTILITY53X102  01   Indianapolis, IN
4173042012UTILITY53X102  01   Indianapolis, IN
6096412012InternationalPROSTAR5014 MAXXFORCE 010335,455   Indianapolis, IN
BA91192012FreightlinerCASCADIA5027 ISX15 425H 010681,172   Indianapolis, IN
1583692012Peterbilt3865063 ISX15 425H 010622,655   Indianapolis, IN
0870852012InternationalPROSTAR+5055 12.4L 475H 0AUTO280,221   Indianapolis, IN
0870842012InternationalPROSTAR+5054 12.4L 475H 0AUTO300,008   Indianapolis, IN
1549772012Peterbilt587 ISX15 485H 013394,834   Indianapolis, IN
1473502012Peterbilt587 12.9L 431H 013552,559   Indianapolis, IN
5530972012InternationalPRO STAR +5035 12.4L 450H 010332,815   Indianapolis, IN
5530962012InternationalPRO STAR +5036 12.4L 450H 010335,030   Indianapolis, IN
2836132012KenworthT660 ISX 450HP 0AUTO447,559   Indianapolis, IN
BM88662012FreightlinerPX12564ST5020 DD15 14.8L 010330,466   Indianapolis, IN
BM88392012FreightlinerPX12564ST5021 DD15 14.8L 010344,382   Indianapolis, IN
BM88482012FreightlinerPX12564ST5022 DD15 14.8L 010336,102   Indianapolis, IN
2994672011VOLVOVNL64T6705028 D13 475HP 0AUTO453,666   Indianapolis, IN
2953842011VOLVOVNL64T  0433,127   Indianapolis, IN
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