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  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
0C88922014BRENNER42X96 TANKE  01   Indianapolis, IN
1800512013Peterbilt587 ISX15 450H 0U/S455,644   Indianapolis, IN
1583692012Peterbilt386 ISX15 425H 010622,655   Indianapolis, IN
5530962012InternationalPRO STAR + 12.4L 450H 010335,030   Indianapolis, IN
BM88392012FreightlinerCASCADIA DD15 14.8L 010344,382   Indianapolis, IN
BM88482012FreightlinerCASCADIA DD15 14.8L 010336,102   Indianapolis, IN
BM88342012FreightlinerCASCADIA DD15 14.8L 010354,123   Indianapolis, IN
BM88572012FreightlinerCASCADIA DD15 14.8L 010404,269   Indianapolis, IN
4459342012International4400 6CYLD MAXX 06260,816   Indianapolis, IN
BN31902012FreightlinerPX12564ST DD15 14.8L 010605,733   Indianapolis, IN
J466972012EAST35X102 DUMP  01   Indianapolis, IN
0534672012InternationalPROSTAR +5029 12.4L 450H 010270,478   Indianapolis, IN
5060432011Freightliner2500 MB 5CYL DS 0AUTO197,064   Indianapolis, IN
0120432011MackCXU6135011 MP7 395HP 08LL312,211   Indianapolis, IN
0120452011MackCXU613 MP7 395HP 08LL308,530   Indianapolis, IN
142682011MackCXU613 MP7 395HP 010319,054   Indianapolis, IN
1050552011DYNAWELD52X102 FLAT  0   Indianapolis, IN
AY98522011FreightlinerCASCADIA5033 DD13 12.8L 010501,189   Indianapolis, IN
2519472010InternationalPROSTAR ISX 435HP 010462,490   Indianapolis, IN
AR91262010WESTERN S4900SA 14.8L 475H 010315,175   Indianapolis, IN
2527032010InternationalPROSTAR ISX 435HP 010462,744   Indianapolis, IN
821362009IC CORPSCHOOL BUS MAXXFORCE 0AUTO118,868   Indianapolis, IN
734342009VOLVOVNL64T670 ISX 400HP 013676,888   Indianapolis, IN
1189162009International4300 7.6L 225HP 06331,642   Indianapolis, IN
1188962009International43005048 7.6L 225HP 06348,510   Indianapolis, IN
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