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  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
0C88922014BRENNER42X96 TANKE  01   Indianapolis, IN
3254152011International4300269 7.6L 225HP 0A AUTO163,285   Indianapolis, IN
0057682009MackGU713 MP8 455HP 018124,214   Indianapolis, IN
0525982009InternationalPROSTAR2627 ISX 435HP 010320,135   Indianapolis, IN
5437442007International4300 DT466 0AUTO204,293   Indianapolis, IN
0142702007MackCXU613 MP7 395HP 010277,517   Indianapolis, IN
A995062002FordE350 CUTAWA 5.4L 0192,158   Indianapolis, IN
3312852001International47002641 DT466 230H 0982,102   Indianapolis, IN
2490612000International47002642 DT466 230H 09143,446   Indianapolis, IN
B836131994FordE350 COM CU V8 0AUTO171,867   Indianapolis, IN
  3676599999ETROIT8V71T3028  01   Indianapolis, IN
  437069999GOODALL708 1 CYL GAS 01   Indianapolis, IN
  1M11609999CATV40B325 4CYL G 0AUTO   Indianapolis, IN
  9486FB9999CLARKCGP40326 4CYL P 0   Indianapolis, IN
  36802015KAUFMAN49X90 CAR3029  0KK1   Indianapolis, IN
  0606QU2015OTHER3TON CHAINH3040  01   Indianapolis, IN
  2005192013Peterbilt3845080 ISL-G 320H 0U/S269,230   Indianapolis, IN
  3449742013KenworthT6605094 ISX15 450H 010531,295   Indianapolis, IN
  3450022013KenworthT660 ISX15 450H 010523,229   Indianapolis, IN
  3506872013KenworthT660 12.9L 455H 013507,610   Indianapolis, IN
  1327892013VOLVOVNL D13 425HP 010356,600   Indianapolis, IN
  1857782013Peterbilt5875046 12.9L 455H 010285,336   Indianapolis, IN
  9000862013ISUZUNQR5045 5.2L 210HP 0AUTO15,307   Indianapolis, IN
  5353172012InternationalWORKSTAR 10.5L 370H 08LL32,639   Indianapolis, IN


  Unit# Year Make Model Lane# Run# Engine Transmission Mileage Location
9012492001GMC TRUCKC6500International V8G 0238,883   Indianapolis, IN
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